Our Parish / Contacts

Church Office Hours: 
Mon – Fri: 10am to 12Noon; other times by appointment
(870) 257-2850

Email Address:

St. Vincent de Paul’s Hotline for Financial Assistance:
(870) 257-3448

OneCallNow Message Replay #:
(877) 698-3261  (be sure to call from the phone that is listed in the system, the one you received the call to)

Parish CASA #:  7215

Pastor – Fr. Amal Punganoor, Rectory # (870) 257-4456
Pastoral Assistant – vacant
Bookkeeper – vacant
Music Ministry – Rose Brandenburg, Home # (870) 994-2744
DRE – Lori Templet, home # (870) 856-2261
Coord. of Communion to the Sick and Homebound – vacant, please call the Church Office

Physical Address:
49 Tekakwitha Dr.
Cherokee Village, AR 72529
(corner of Hwy 62/412 and Tekakwitha Dr.)

Mailing Address:
PO Box 970
Cherokee Village, AR 72525

Rectory Address:
12 Micanopy Cir.
Cherokee Village, AR 72529

Pastoral Council:
The role of the Pastoral Council is to assist the Pastor/Administrator in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating, and reviewing the broader pastoral objectives of the parish. Meetings are held monthly in the Parish Library (see the bulletin for upcoming dates). Parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings. If you have an item to be discussed, it must be submitted to the PC President, Mike Gagne, 870-751-3419, or the Church Office, at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

Finance Council:
The role of the Finance Council is to assist the Pastor/Administrator in his administrative and financial decisions for the parish. Meetings are held monthly and are closed to parishioners. If you have a concern you would like to have addressed, you can discuss it with FC President, Bernie Brandenburg, 870-994-2744.

Registration Form for New Parishioners:
Click here for a printable Parish Registration Form. Please note: If you would like a Tax Statement at the end of the year, be sure to check “YES” for church envelopes. If you will be using envelopes, it’s best to bring your completed form to the Church Office so that we can give you a box of envelopes. Otherwise, your completed form may be slipped under the Church Office door when you come to Mass.  Copies of the Parish Registration Form are also available in the vestibule of the church.

Parish Inclement Weather Policy:
Weekend Mass is rarely canceled, but we ask that you please use prudent judgment, according to your own particular circumstances and road conditions, as to whether it is safe for YOU to drive.  In the case of severe snow or ice when Mass needs to be canceled, we will communicate with you through our calling system. If you are elderly and there is snow or ice on the roads, please stay home, you don’t need to be out and take the chance of falling.  (Even if you can get here, we can’t guarantee   what condition our side street/parking lot/walkways will be.)  Please use caution and be safe!   After a snow or ice storm, please be careful when walking near the overhang of the roof, as sheets of ice may slide off.
Weekday Masses – If weekday Mass is canceled, the calling system will be activated, calling only those who asked for this notification. If you want to be part of this weekday Mass communication, please let Diana know in the Church Office.
Adoration Chapel – If the public schools would normally be in session but are canceled due to bad weather, then the Chapel will also be closed. If have any questions, contact your coordinator.

Safe Environment Program:
The Diocese of Little Rock is committed to the protection of children while in our care. We have partnered with CMG Connect for the training of all adults, 18 years old and older, who have regular contact with minors. All employees, CCD teachers, and volunteers, with regular contact with minors, must take this online training and submit to a background check. See Diana in the Church Office for more information. If you are aware of abuse, or are a victim of abuse yourself, by clergy or staff of a Catholic Church, please call the Diocese for assistance, 501-664-0340, ext. 425, or Dc. Matt Glover, Chancellor, at ext. 361. You are also encouraged to call the State of Arkansas Hotline for Crimes Against Children, 800-482-5964.

Diocesan Tribunal:
Were you married in the Catholic Church?
It is the mission of the Diocesan Tribunal to hear the cases of those who are divorced and are petitioning the Church to make a judgment on the possible invalidity of their prior marriage. If the marriage was between two baptized persons, they examine the facts to discover if the marriage was a valid sacrament. The judges look at the Church’s marriage law in relation to the concrete circumstances of two persons who exchanged consent to marry. Because every situation is different, there is no way of knowing for sure how long each case will take. However, Pope Francis has made changes so that cases can be expedited when the evidence of invalidity is very clear. The Diocese of Little Rock also has waived all fees for this process so the poor have access to the tribunal. If you or your spouse has a prior marriage and want to get back to receiving the Sacraments, especially Holy Communion, please call the Church Office to make a confidential appointment with someone who is trained in the annulment process.

St. Michael’s Memorial Gardens:
Located on church property, the Memorial Gardens is a place of final rest for the cremated remains of the faithful departed. For more information on available crypts and pricing, please contact Jim Wege, 870-257-2799.

Holy Family Cemetery:
The Holy Family Cemetery is a section of the Oaklawn Cemetery, located less than a mile from St. Michael’s Church on Hwy 62/412 in Highland. The grounds have been blessed by Bishop Anthony Taylor. For available burial plots and pricing, please contact Bernie Brandenburg, 870-994-2744.