Get Involved

Altar Society:

Membership in the Altar Society is open to women and men of all ages.  Their apostolic work is to provide for all the necessary items needed for maintaining the altar and offering Mass, such as:  sacred vessels, altar linens, hosts and wine, candles, priestly vestments, decorations, etc.  To provide financially for these,  various fundraisers are held throughout the year.  For more information, contact Joyce Speir, President, (870) 266-3586.



Bingo is played in the Parish Hall every Thursday, beginning at 6pm (doors open at 5pm), and every 1st Sunday beginning at 1:30pm (doors open at 12:30pm).  With proceeds from BINGO, we have been blessed to pay off debt from the last addition to the building, helped pay for a new roof and carpeting, and have paid for many other expensive repairs and maintenance bills.  We are truly appreciative of the hard work Isabelle Wiest has put in overseeing BINGO since it was first begun in 1996, as well as all her hard working crew.  We are also truly grateful for all those who come play BINGO to financially support our parish.  The Knights of Columbus work in the kitchen selling concessions of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks. Come join us for a night of fun and socialization!  If you would like more information as to how you can volunteer at BINGO, call Izzy Wiest, (870) 994-2243.


Compassion Ministry:

The Compassion Ministry is open to men and women of all ages.  They provide Funeral Luncheons in our Parish Hall for grieving families following burial of their loved ones.   For many years we were not been able to offer this service, so we are pleased Pat Such saw the need and took it upon herself to organize it, with the Pastor’s approval.  Whether you can give of your time, your talent, or a monetary donation, please contact Pat and offer to be part of this important ministry, (870) 847-7224.


Eucharistic Adoration:

On December 8, 1999, with the encouragement of then pastor, Msgr. James Mancini, we opened our Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.  Presently our Chapel is open Monday through Friday, 10am – 10pm.  “Won’t you watch one hour with me?”  Our Lord invites us to come spend time with Him in the Chapel.  Please consider either committing to one hour a week, or being a substitute that can be called upon when someone is sick or away.  For more information on open hours, or to be put on the “Sub List”, call program coordinators:  Rose Brandenburg (10am-4pm), (870) 994-2744, or Anne Kootz (4pm-9pm), (870) 847-1985.


Knights of Columbus: 

The Knights of Columbus is a world-wide fraternal organization founded by Fr. Michael J. McGivney in 1882.  The order is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity.  The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families at their respective parishes.  They also sponsor many local, national and world-wide charities, ie:  Coats for Kids, Disaster Relief, Food for Families, Ultrasound Initiative, etc.   The Knights of Columbus, Council #6969, are very active at St. Michael’s parish sponsoring social events, not only for its members, but for the entire parish.  They also take care of the church grounds.  If you would like more information on how to become involved in this fraternal organization, contact Grand Knight, Michael Gagne, (870) 751-3419.


Magnificat Ministry: 

The Magnificat is a world-wide Catholic Ministry to women.  The local chapter, Mary, Ark of the Covenant, sponsors three Luncheons each year, meeting most often at St. Michael’s Parish Hall.  Women of all denominations are welcome to attend.  The program includes a witness talk by a guest speaker, a session of praise and worship, and general socialization with our sisters in Christ.  Private prayer is offered at the end of the program for those in need.  Keep an eye on the bulletin for upcoming Luncheon dates and ticket purchase information.  If you would like to become more involved in this ministry, or want more information, contact Coordinator, Niki McDaniel, (870) 710-8054.


Prayer Chain:

Requests for prayer are submitted to the Coordinator who sends an email to all who have asked to participate.  Emails are sent out “blind” so your privacy is respected.  If you would like to be part of this important prayer ministry, contact coordinator, Kathryn Gagne,, and request to be added to the email chain.  You may also contact her, via email or phone, (870) 751-3420, if you have a prayer request.  If you are calling to request prayer on behalf of someone else, be sure to ask permission first, as some people wish their personal issues to remain private.


Welcome Ministry: 

The couples involved with the Welcome Ministry are paired with new parishioners.  They befriend new families making them feel welcome at our parish and are there to answer any questions they may have.  This is a fairly new ministry and eager for more couples to join them; please consider being part of this growing ministry!  Contact the Acting Coordinator, Sharon Vander Zyl, (879) 847-3095, for more information.  (We are still looking for a permanent Coordinator for this ministry…if interested, please contact Sharon.)